The SL Marketplace: Some Lessons Learned

5 Apr

Having finally finished my Bow Shoe in 20 colorways and set it up in my shop for sale, I realized I could no longer put off the inevitable. I had to figure out how to list things on the SL Marketplace. That led to a 4 hour ordeal of figuring out how the marketplace works and fighting an overloaded system as right now people are frantically trying to convert their Marketplace listings from magic boxes to the new system.

Lesson 1:

Do NOT try to Send 25 folders from your Merchant Outbox to the Marketplace in one fell swoop. You will get failures. Early in the morning I was able to send the folders 5-6 at a time without an issue. I am assuming it was not as busy then. By 8 AM SLT I was reduced to moving them one folder at a time and even then I was getting a failure 2 of 4 tries.

Allow time after you hit send in your Merchant Outbox for the Items to appear in your Merchant Home under Unassociated Items. Don’t forget to refresh the page so you can see them. Like any newbie to this stuff I resent my stuff multiple times because I forgot to refresh the page and then I had to delete out all the duplicates, which was it’s own mess to do.

Lesson 2:

If you have a DEMO item do the listing for that first. That way you can link directly to the demo from your full version listing.

Lesson 3:

Once you have completed your first listing, you can use the quick fill button in the upper right corner of the Edit Item Listing page to automatically use that original item to fill in its info on subsequent similar items. For Example: The information from my Sky Bow Shoe was used to fill in all 19 other bow shoes. All I had to do was change the item name and check a few radio button up top that for some reason do not autofill. HUGE HUGE HUGE time saver.

Lesson 4:

USE the related items. For example on the Sky bow shoe I added the Demo, the Sky Colorblocked Bow Shoe, and the Fatpacks for both. Call it free advertising for your other products.

Lesson 5:

This is more of a Tip than a lesson. Sometimes if you get duplicate listings the delete function is either super slow or fails entirely. One solution is to use the “Return to my Inventory” option on the Actions dropdown next to the item. That seemed to work much more reliably for me than delete. The downside of it though is you will have to clean out your Received Items folder in world as that is where the returned folder goes.

All in all it wasn’t too horrible an experience. It takes time and can be pretty frustrating when the marketplace is busy but it was not particularly difficult to get all my shoes listed. Best advice from me is do this chore when you have the time and patience to handle something that might well take hours without interruptions.

Hopefully this helps someone avoid the mistakes I made.


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